Freight forwarding

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Freight forwarding

POLEX EXPRESS provides a full range of services for freight forwarding by any type of transport and method of transportation, including freight forwarding in Kharkov (cargo escort, transportation, warehouse storage, paperwork).

To professionally forward (lat. Expedire - to send) means to optimize the process of cargo transportation at all stages of logistics outsourcing: from the acceptance and processing of cargo to its transfer to the recipient.

Transport forwarding from Polex-express

Our specialists have extensive experience in forwarding, which allows you to significantly reduce the time and cost of transportation, minimize possible risks and thereby ensure the complete safety of the cargo.
The range of services we provide for transport forwarding includes:
  • calculation of the cost and time of delivery of the goods according to the initial data of the client;
  • development of optimal and economical logistics delivery schemes, including multimodal transportation;
  • execution of a full package of permits, transport, payment and other accompanying documents, including certification, insurance and customs clearance of goods;
  • consolidation of goods and their storage;
  • packing and marking of cargo;
  • control of loading / unloading;
  • monitoring the movement of cargo along the entire route; prompt notification of the consignor / consignee of unforeseen situations and measures to resolve them at any stage of forwarding.

For our specialists, including those working on international routes, there is nothing unknown in freight forwarding. They perfectly know the logistics, languages and legislation of the countries with which they work, they know the customs law and are able to quickly make the right decisions in difficult situations.

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