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Service cost request section

Transportation of general cargo from Polex Express

One of the most popular areas in logistics is the delivery of general cargo. This is a mixed cargo or piece items that are packed in a special container (bag, box, big bag, bag, box, bale, barrel, container, etc.). As a rule, this is how expensive products are transported; unlike groupage cargo, general cargo takes up more space and requires special conditions for preparation and transportation. International transportation of general cargo is carried out by the operator Polex Express.

Our transport company works in many directions, delivering goods to the post-Soviet countries, Europe, Asian states and between continents. Cooperation with world carriers allows us to accurately coordinate delivery and carry out transportation without overlapping and delays. Service specialists have extensive experience in transporting various types of general cargo through customs and know all the nuances of customs clearance, legal support of products. Transportation of goods by general cargo with Polex Express is your opportunity to optimize delivery costs.

Types of general cargo

Conventionally, all general cargo can be classified into several groups:
  • Reinforced concrete structures (supports for power lines, beams, pipes, rings, piles, panels, etc.);
  • Rolled metal products (pipes of different diameters, fittings, wire, rails, equipment items, blanks);
  • Agricultural and construction machinery;
  • Fossils, building materials, concentrates;
  • Containers and tanks;
  • Rubber and latex products;
  • Wood;
  • Lumps of natural marble, granite, etc.

Size limitations are a distinctive characteristic of general cargo. This does not include oil and its products, gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as bulk substances such as sand, coal, grain.

General cargo delivery terms

Sea transportation of general cargo is carried out with a preliminary clarification whether these items or products are compatible. For proper preparation for transportation, it is important to know whether objects move under the influence of vibration and heaving, whether they deteriorate under certain conditions. A number of goods are explosive or require a certain temperature and humidity regime, as well as special packaging and labeling.

Employees of the operator "Polex Express" will take care of the preparation of general cargo for transportation and selection of the vessel: cargo spaces will meet the required conditions and are adapted for reliable stowage and securing of cargo. General cargo ships will deliver products to sea and river ports, the storage facilities and loading equipment of which will allow for fast and safe transshipment. Our logisticians calculate the cost of delivery, loading and unloading, customs services, warehouse services and freight forwarders in order to organize the optimal cargo transportation in terms of quality and price.

How general cargo is transported

They transport general cargo in containers or other types of packaging by various vehicles:
  • Shipping by sea is the most economical type of general cargo transportation, which allows transporting large volumes of products, large consignments of goods and oversized cargo;
  • By rail: it provides a high speed of transportation at a reasonable cost;
  • Air transportation allows you to quickly deliver oversized general cargo, but the prices of services are higher;
  • Transportation by road is good for its mobility and the ability to track the location and condition of the cargo.

Most often, general groupage cargo is transported by combined modes of transport, which is convenient, if necessary, to deliver goods "from door to door".

International transportation of general cargo with Polex Express

What we guarantee

Turning to professionals in the field of logistics services, you will appreciate:
  • Product safety. We guarantee that general cargo will be delivered in its original form;
  • Optimal speed and cost, which is possible thanks to competent route planning and cooperation of different services;
  • Registration of documentation for moving and conducting through customs control.

To calculate the cost of transportation of general cargo by sea, order a call back or use the calculator on the website.

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