Storage of dangerous goods

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Storage of dangerous goods

Storage services

In addition to the transportation of goods to the destination, there is a service that provides for the storage and storage of dangerous goods until further transfer to the customer or the next stage of delivery. Polex-express offers safe custody on favorable terms in compliance with safety regulations and legal requirements, which will ensure the safety of the cargo and the safety of the environment. Cargo storage services include:

  • provision of reports on movement;
  • constant monitoring of the condition of the goods in the warehouse;
  • inventory and accounting.
Our employees take over the loading and unloading, reducing your costs for related personnel. Often, a warehouse for storing goods at customs may be required for the time of its inspection before obtaining admission to the territory of Ukraine. With Polex-express, you can be sure that there are no shortages and damages.

Delivery and storage of dangerous goods

Polex-express advantages

The storage space for dangerous goods is located separately from other warehouses. The temperature regime is maintained inside the premises, which is recommended for a particular type of cargo. A warehouse for the storage of dangerous goods can contain toxic chemicals, flammable liquids, explosive materials, radioactive substances. Delivery from China and other countries may include goods from a similar category. The main advantages of cooperation with us:

  • it is not required to rent warehouse premises, where, most likely, it will not be possible to place dangerous goods for a while;
  • reduction of storage and transportation costs;
  • the client pays exclusively for the space actually used for storing the cargo.
Each consignment of cargo is accompanied by documentation, where all characteristics and other data necessary for freight forwarding are described. Use a dangerous goods storage warehouse away from residential areas.
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