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Container transportation from Ukraine

Containerized cargo transportation accounts for about 80% of the total volume of goods that move between countries. This is a universal delivery method, the development prospects of which in the future are directly related to the growth of trade between regions. Large companies and medium-sized businesses choose shipping by sea in containers - both to Ukraine and for export, as it is economical, safe and suitable for most types of cargo. Nevertheless, transportation in a container is a difficult task, for the solution of which you need to take into account a lot of nuances. To transport goods by sea, it is better to turn to a professional in the field of logistics.

The official carrier of the international airport "Kharkiv", the transport company Polex Express, is engaged in container transport of goods. Transportation is carried out through Chornomorsk, Yuzhny, as well as the seaport in Odessa. Extensive work experience, well-established relations with services in the field of warehouse logistics, forwarding, customs clearance allow us to lay reliable routes on which downtime and overlaps are excluded. We will deliver your cargo quickly, as far as container transportation by sea allows, and at a reasonable cost.

Container transportation: full range of services from Polex Express

Transportation of goods between countries in containers is a key area of our company's work. We provide a full range of logistics services:
  • Organization of container transportation of goods. Our experts will make sure that your cargo is carefully packed in the right container and sent along the route;
  • Integration of sea transportation into multimodal delivery schemes. Since shipping by sea is always a priori cargo transportation to other countries, often the only delivery method is multimodal. At the same time, sea freight accounts for the main part of the route, which will be selected by our specialists;
  • Registration of customs and trade documents for the carriage of goods, which ensures the quick passage of goods through customs;
  • Cargo insurance protects the client's financial interests in the event of force majeure;
  • Address delivery from ports to the final destination of the route.

Container shipping


How is container shipping carried out? Standard or groupage cargo is packed in containers - they can be 20-pound and 40-pound. Containers of the first type are loaded with heavy loads, while 40-pounds are suitable for transporting larger, but less weighty goods, substances, liquids. Then they carry out sealing, paperwork, and standard containers are delivered to the port by railroad cars or by road. After checking, the cargo is placed on the ship that follows the route. Upon arrival, all procedures are performed in reverse order.
The specialists of the transport company control all stages of transportation and coordinate the actions of the carrier, forwarders, customs services. Thus, it is possible to guarantee the safety and security of container transportation.

Transportation services from Polex-express

Containers are used to send large consignments of industrial products, as well as oversized cargo, for example, as part of consolidated cargo. In this way, liquids of chemical origin, solid food, etc. are transported. What are the advantages of container shipping by sea?

Our company carries out container transportation of goods from China and back, as well as to other international directions, investing in time and guaranteeing the safety of the goods. To calculate the cost, call us by phone or use the calculator on the website.

Advantages of containerized cargo transportation:

1. Security. Compared to faster but potentially hazardous road transport, containerized transport carries a lower risk of accidents. And the effect of sea rolling on the safety and condition of the goods is much less than the shaking and impacts of the cargo during car collisions or while driving on poor-quality asphalt pavement.
2. Profitability. A transport ship can accommodate from 1000 to 21000 standard containers: with high occupancy, the cost of container transportation is reduced for the customer.

3. Delivery on time. Generally speaking, transportation in containers is carried out along verified routes. Since the very nature of transportation excludes movement on bad roads, emergency bridges or rails, the risk of force majeure on the road is less, respectively, the vehicles arrive on time. A storm can delay on the way, so products with a short shelf life are best sent by more mobile means, for example, by air.

Transportation services from Polex-express

And also

4. Ability to travel long distances. International containerized cargo transportation is integrated into multimodal intercontinental transportation schemes. They are used by large enterprises for the supply of goods to remote regions, which has led to a streamlined schedule of ships.
5. Possibility of transportation of any type of cargo. Capacious ships carry large consignments of various cargoes, both standard and bulk, liquid, oversized, etc. Often, shipping by sea is the only solution for delivery to a particular point.

Our company carries out container transportation of goods from China and back, as well as to other international directions, investing in time and guaranteeing the safety of the goods. To calculate the cost, call us by phone or use the calculator on the website.

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