International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation with Polex Express

International transportation is the basis of foreign economic relations of any enterprise whose activities are related to the export / import of raw materials or goods. Any miscalculations and errors in logistics and work with documentation can result in delays at the border and monetary losses for the sender and / or recipient. Due to the specifics of the sphere, it is better to entrust the international transportation of goods to a logistics company with an impeccable reputation and experience in the transportation market.

International cargo transportation is a key area of work of the Polex Express logistics service. As a cargo operator of the Kharkiv International Airport, we organize transportation in dozens of directions, providing services at a high level. Employees will draw up the optimal route, draw up the necessary documents, ensure that the goods are transported through customs control and warehouse storage. Since 2014, we have been working to ensure that our clients receive excellent service. Optimal delivery speed and cargo safety at a reasonable price are the main priorities of our work.

Types of international transportation

Our logistics company carries out international transportation of goods of all types:
  • International air cargo transportation;
  • International road freight transport;
  • International sea container transportation;
  • Multimodal transportation.

Mistakes made at the stage of transportation planning are fraught with lost profit and even real damage to the customer. In order to provide a reliable platform for our clients to interact with their partners, we carefully consider logistics issues. The system of communication with transport and technical services, with which our company cooperates, allows you to build a route to the smallest detail and quickly carry out all operations.Depending on the direction, length of the route, the desired delivery time and the characteristics of the cargo, transportation is carried out by air, sea, land transport or in a combined way.

International transportation of goods from the CIS

The list of services from Polex-express

International air delivery to the CIS countries, Asia is a guarantee of the safety and arrival of the transported cargo on time. Air transportation is the most convenient and fastest way to deliver cargo. Air delivery can be easily integrated into a multimodal transport module, which includes transportation by other modes of transport - road, sea, rail. This delivery method is rational when working with intercontinental destinations or to remote regions.

Our staff will ensure fast dispatch:
  • Will select the most economical or fastest air route;
  • Freight or lease of a package;
  • Prepare the necessary documents;
  • Control the loading and sealing of the cargo;
  • They will insure and carry the cargo through customs control;
  • They will escort the cargo and deliver it to the recipient.
Close cooperation with carriers makes it possible to organize shipment by charter or transit flights at a price favorable to the client. Air transportation of international cargo is preferable when transporting valuable and expensive cargo, as well as, if necessary, quickly deliver goods.

Features of international transportation by road

Organization of transportation by our service

The organization of international road transport is beneficial when moving goods to the CIS countries, Europe, as well as in the multimodal transport system. Cargo transportation by road vehicles is mobility, high speed and unlimited types of goods that can be transported.
Polex Express employees will fulfill an order for international transport. We have a wide fleet of our own and rented vehicles, driven by experienced drivers. Carrying out a full range of services for paperwork and customs control, handling and storage of cargo, we guarantee timely and safe delivery.

International freight transport

Reasons to choose Polex Express

Organization of international transportation to the countries of near and far abroad on your own is not the best option if the safety of the cargo and prompt delivery are important to you. Polex Express will provide delivery of ordinary, heavy and oversized, especially valuable cargo in dozens of directions. Benefits of working with us:
  • We have extensive experience in border crossing and know how to minimize the time spent on transportation to one or another country.
  • We have established a scheme for the transportation of oversized cargo, in which the client can be sure of the safety and efficiency of delivery.
  • Well-established relationships with major carriers minimize the risks of downtime on the road.
  • Knowledge of the intricacies of working with documentation and passing through customs control will protect you from delays and losses.
  • Flexible pricing and the ability to choose the best delivery option to optimize the budget for cargo transportation.

To calculate the cost of delivery, use the calculator on the website.

To understand all the intricacies of delivery and keep abreast of current events, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the conditions of carriage of international shipments.

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