Multimodal transportation

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Service cost request section

Multimodal transportation with Polex Express

The largest flows of goods move in intercontinental directions. The active foreign trade activity of the largest manufacturers of products leads to a high load on the transport arteries of world importance. The delivery of raw materials and goods by sea or air transport is almost always integrated into multimodal transportation of goods. This is a mixed type of transportation of goods in which two or more types of vehicles are involved. The delivery scheme can include air and road transport or sea + road + rail.

Delivery of multimodal cargo is the main area of work of the logistics company Polex Express. We carry out intercontinental transportation, transportation to European countries, the states of Eastern Europe, regions of Asia, etc. In addition to transportation, we take on the tasks of preparing import / export documentation, and also carry the goods through customs control. Cooperation with the world's largest carriers allows us to use delivery schemes that are optimal in terms of speed and cost, with precise transport docking. Our specialists coordinate the dispatch and arrival of vehicles, as well as monitor the status of the cargo in order to inform you about its location at any time.

Types of multimodal cargo

Our company provides mixed cargo transportation services. We will deliver:
  • Goods per piece;
  • Sets and consolidated cargo;
  • Volumetric objects of light weight;
  • Valuable and expensive cargo;
  • Oversized and heavy items;
  • Hazardous substances (chemical components, flammable substances);
  • Bulk substances.

Air or sea multimodal transportation is carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations for the carriage of certain goods. Our specialists have extensive experience in international transportation and monitor changes in legislation in order to organize delivery quickly and at a reasonable price.

Multimodal transportation to Ukraine

Services from Polex-express

Logistic operator Polex Express provides a full range of services for delivery, storage in a warehouse and legal registration of intermodal cargo transportation:
  • Transportation of raw materials and goods according to the specifics of the product;
  • Loading and unloading operations, storage in accordance with the rules and conditions of transportation of this cargo;
  • Continuous monitoring of the status and safety of goods in multimodal container transportation;
  • Loading and unloading at the point specified by the customer;
  • Registration of documents for deliveries for export and import;
  • Competent customs clearance, eliminating delays at the border and associated losses.

Our employees coordinate the actions of warehouse workers, customs services and forwarding services. This eliminates transport overlays and delays at crossing points. Having your own cars and renting transport in remote locations makes it possible to select profitable types of multimodal transportation and make convenient routes.


Multimodal transportation

Polex Express advantages

Why choose multimodal delivery at Polex Express?
1. Development of optimal transportation routes, be it multimodal container or air transportation.
2. Combined services, including several types of transportation and legal registration, support.
3. Guarantee of safety and security of goods.
4. Cargo insurance against risks.
5. Extensive geography of work.

To calculate the cost of delivery, use the calculator on the website.

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