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Liquid cargo transportation with Polex Express

In the production of a wide range of products, industrial liquids are used that can be explosive, fire hazardous, and toxic to the environment. Therefore, the transportation of liquid cargo is carried out in accordance with special requirements and includes a number of measures that guarantee safe and timely delivery. In order to quickly and safely deliver the required amount of substances, it is worth using the services of a reliable operator.

Freight forwarding service Polex Express has been transporting liquid cargo since 2014. During this time, we have completed hundreds of orders for the delivery of various liquid substances: all goods were delivered to the customer in safety according to the terms. Successful delivery allows us to work closely with carriers, thorough knowledge of the rules of customs clearance and competent coordination of the actions of the contractors.

Liquid cargo delivery: turnkey services

Speaking of bulk cargo, they mean substances for the transportation of which tanks are used. The volume of liquid cargo in the total cargo traffic is quite large, and the substances themselves are classified into two groups - food and chemical. The largest quantities of milk, alcohol, sunflower oil are transported within the country and for export, most of the transported chemicals are oil products, asphalt, bitumen.
The Polex Express service delivers liquid cargo within the country and internationally - to European countries, as well as intercontinental format. Our experts organize the transportation of cargo on a turnkey basis, taking on all the hassle of supervising and preparing documentation:
  • We carry out the transportation of liquid cargo by road tankers, railway, as well as by sea;
  • We will provide expert advice on technical and legal issues;
  • We will select a vehicle and route scheme with optimal conditions, which will allow us to safely and quickly deliver bulk cargo;
  • We guarantee safety and arrange insurance to protect the financial interests of the customer;
  • We will issue permits.

The transportation of liquid cargo is carried out under the full supervision of our employees, who will organize the docking of vehicles and monitor the transportation along the entire route.

Transportation in tanks

Reasons to choose us

A professional transport company can provide responsible transportation of goods. Why is it worth contacting Polex Express?
  • Experienced drivers with experience in the transportation of liquid bulk cargo for at least 3 years are allowed for transportation after briefing.
  • Carrying out the sea transportation of liquid cargo, we take into account the requirements for hazardous substances and agree on the delivery time.
  • We have all the necessary documents for transportation (in addition to the mandatory package, safety data sheet, sanitary-hygienic and veterinary certificate for food, etc.).
  • We comply with the rules of transportation by road tankers: perishable liquids - in isotherms, bitumen and asphalt - in heated tanks.

To calculate the shipping cost, use the calculator on our website.

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