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Customs transit by Polex Express

Transportation of goods without transshipment at intermediate sections of the route is carried out less often. In most cases, goods are moved between customs of the same country. In order to cross the territory of the country and deliver the goods to the final point of delivery, transit is required. It is important that the presentation of the cargo and its quantitative indicators are preserved: in this case, the registration of the customs procedure for customs transit does not imply taxation.

To prevent the cargo from getting stuck at customs, it is worth contacting experienced specialists. For more than 6 years, customs brokers of the transport and forwarding company Polex Express have been dealing with transit clearance at customs and know how to perform all the necessary operations. This will avoid downtime and prevent customer losses.

Transit documents

Customs transit clearance means that the cargo must be delivered to the specified customs office within a certain time:

  • 5 days - for air delivery;
  • 10 days - for road transport;
  • 20 days - for sea and river transportation;
  • 28 days - for railway transport.

To obtain transit passes, the following documents are required:

  • Bills of Lading;
  • Customs declaration;
  • Commodity and transport documents;
  • An invoice confirming the price of the goods;
  • Forwarding Agreement;
  • Customs brokerage service document;
  • Fingarant;
  • TIR Carnet.

Registration of internal customs transit for foodstuffs requires the provision of certificates - veterinary or phytosanitary. You can calculate the cost of the service by calling the phone number indicated on the website.

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