Transportation of yachts and boats

Service cost request
Service cost request

Transportation of yachts and boats

The movement of water vehicles may be required by owners for the purpose of storage, repair or further operation in another region.

Transportation of yachts in Ukraine is a demanded service due to the instability of the terrain, when it is impossible to get from the south to the north of the country by such transport by water. The Polex-express company carries out the transportation of yachts, boats at a favorable cost.

Features of transportation

The process has several features in comparison with other transportation options:
  • transportation of boats, yachts is always the movement of oversized cargo, requiring careful planning of the route;
  • unlike the transportation of art objects, the use of special platforms and the coordination of travel with road services are required to move boats;
  • yacht delivery is carried out with an escort who controls the process.

Delivery of boats is planned as carefully as possible in order to keep the cargo intact. The route excludes bridges, sections with wires and entry to settlements (if the delivery of yachts and boats does not require shipment in the basin of a large river). The specialists of our company will help you to carry out the registration of temporary import / export, if the transport will not be on the territory of Ukraine permanently.

Reliable yacht delivery from Europe quickly

Cargo insurance

Contact the specified coordinates to order cargo delivery of yachts, taking into account its size, weight and other factors. To ensure safety, cargo insurance is carried out - you will be sure that the boat will arrive at its destination on time. The cost of transporting a yacht depends on its physical parameters, the characteristics of the region where it is necessary to deliver the cargo (the presence of natural obstacles) and the distance over which the watercraft must be transported.

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