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Transportation of batteries to Ukraine

Conditions of carriage from Polex-express

A separate category of services includes the transportation of car batteries, which are required for the normal operation of many vehicle models. Ground and air transportation of batteries differs from transportation of dangerous goods and other services in several ways:
  • if there is safe packaging for the transport of batteries, it is not considered dangerous goods;
  • softer requirements for the general procedure for moving batteries;
  • The carriage of batteries by air is not carried out with other types of cargo.
The specialists of the Polex-express company will help you in the delivery of batteries from China to Ukraine quickly and at a favorable price. Delivery of goods from China is carried out following the following rules:
  • The batteries are packed exclusively in corrugated boxes, without placing products on top of each other;
  • batteries are fixed with spacer bars, brackets, straps, cables;
  • the voids between the battery and the battery boxes are filled with thick cardboard, excluding accidental movement of the boxes during driving or flight.
As a result, the transportation of batteries by air and on the ground is made as safe as possible for the cargo itself, people and the environment.

International deliveries of batteries

Delivery of batteries by plane from China to Ukraine

Call now at the indicated numbers to start cooperation. Indicate what type of battery you need to transport and the total volume of cargo. If you have already decided how to order a battery from China, all that remains is to sign an agreement with our company. All cargo is safe, customs clearance is carried out. When transporting batteries by road, the safest route with high-quality road surface and optimal traffic intensity is chosen. Timely delivery of batteries is guaranteed, regardless of quantity.

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