Transportation of electronics

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Transportation of electronics

The competitiveness of a company that sells electronic equipment largely depends on the delivery of electronics to Ukraine. This type of cargo transportation has its own specifics: the equipment is quite fragile, and even a slight mechanical damage, a blow can affect the performance and lead to breakdown. Transportation in a common container, without special packaging, insurance and enhanced control will result in damage and theft of goods. To minimize risks and deliver the goods to the addressee in safety, it is better to contact a professional operator.

Delivery of electronics is one of the directions of work of the transport company Polex Express. Our service carries out the transportation of electronic equipment in many directions, for export and import. Organization of transportation in accordance with the requirements for the delivery of these products, knowledge of the intricacies of customs clearance and established relations with international carriers allow us to fulfill orders on time, delivering electronics in their original condition.

Features of transportation of electronic equipment

The group of electronics includes gas and electric stoves, refrigerators and freezers, computer equipment and office equipment, audio and video systems, high-precision measuring electronics, etc. All these goods are characterized by great fragility and relatively considerable cost. Therefore, when transporting electronics, it is important to comply with a number of conditions:
  • Transportation of complete cargoes to a single customer on one vehicle eliminates the risk of theft and guarantees the arrival of equipment in perfect condition.
  • Transportation of goods according to a reliable scheme and proven routes is another factor due to which we have been delivering electronics in full for many years, preventing theft and theft on the road.
  • Packaging of household appliances and reliable fixation are required so that during transportation the cargo does not move through the cargo compartment of the transport. Electronics is not exposed to shocks and mechanical damage, external factors.
  • Gentle loading and unloading, covered transport.

Services of transportation of electronics from "Polex Express"

What do we offer

Our transport company offers a full range of logistics services for the delivery of electronics. For transportation, we use air and road transport, sea transportation in containers and as part of groupage cargo. Other services include:
  • Electronics insurance;
  • Registration of customs and trade documents;
  • Continuous monitoring of the movement of cargo.

We help businesses in Ukraine to establish trade processes and provide reliable support in logistics.

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