Oversized cargo transportation

Service cost request section
Service cost request section

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo

The specialists of POLEX EXPRESS are able to organize prompt delivery of oversized and heavy cargoes on international routes by any means of transport - road, air, rail and sea.

Heavy and oversized cargo: features and rules of transportation

This category includes a wide range of goods:
  • machine tools and industrial equipment;
  • cars and other vehicles;
  • aircraft engines;
  • large diameter pipes and fittings;
  • drums and reels with cable products, etc. products that, according to their characteristics, fall under this category of special cargo.

Delivery terms from Polex-express

Difficulties in transportation

Both the transportation of oversized cargo and the transportation of heavy cargo are accompanied by certain difficulties during loading / unloading, and the cargo itself needs special processing conditions, packaging and delivery times, and often accompanied. Such goods are processed according to certain rules and in strict accordance with regulatory documents. This ensures the delivery of goods without loss of their functional characteristics and commercial qualities and excludes damage to vehicles, as well as the health of people who are involved in the transportation process.
In addition, such goods have a peculiarity, which is that some of them may have dimensions and weight that exceed the standards for delivery by one mode of transport, and fully fit into the standards of transportation by other transport.

Our employees are well versed in all the nuances of the transportation of bulky and heavy cargo, they thoroughly know the rules for their registration and transportation, and also have the appropriate experience that allows you to build an optimal logistics scheme.

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