Transportation of art objects

Service cost request
Service cost request

Transportation of art objects

If it is necessary to transport expensive and fragile goods, services for the transportation of valuable goods may be required. This service allows you to keep furniture, crystal products, paintings, figurines, jewelry and other similar items intact. The company for the transportation of valuable goods Polex-express will help you in solving this issue. Delivery of expensive and fragile goods from Europe and other countries is complex and time consuming, requiring special attention to several aspects:



  • the transportation of valuable goods is distinguished, first of all, by careful planning - packaging from mechanical damage, sudden slipping and other adverse situations;
  • the transportation of high-value goods provides for an inventory and sealing during transportation, which will confirm the absence of interference by unauthorized persons inside;
  • insurance of the transportation of especially valuable cargoes is carried out against possible losses and other risks. Import clearance is done without delay.

Cars for the provision of the corresponding service differ from other trucks - they have a satellite tracking system, constant communication, security and even an armored body. If it is necessary to move bulky items that do not fit into the body, it is envisaged to transport valuable goods by air with similar precautions.

Transportation of especially valuable cargo is profitable

Delivery terms from Polex-express

Call the indicated numbers to start cooperation. Indicate the type of cargo, the points from where you want to take it out and where to bring it. Transportation of paintings and other delicate items by road often requires drawing up an optimal route that will be safe for the cargo - the condition of the road surface, the congestion of highways and other aspects will be taken into account if you order the transportation of expensive goods in Polex-express. Safe cargo transportation by air is guaranteed.

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