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Transportation of food products with Polex Express

The business processes of manufacturing companies, shops and supermarkets are directly dependent on the supply of food. This is a specific operation in which it is important to comply with a number of requirements - temperature conditions, delivery speed, absence of mechanical effects on products. In order for the transportation of provisions to be carried out in accordance with the terms and not to affect the presentation of the products, it is better to contact a professional carrier.

Polex Express is a transport company, one of the directions of which is the delivery of food. We transport various types of food products - dairy, meat, fish and seafood, agricultural products, etc. The service carries out transportation both within Ukraine and at the international level. Our specialists will draw up the optimal route, select vehicles to maintain the temperature regime and provide transportation in the shortest possible time, without disruptions and downtime.

Transportation of products: guarantee of safety and efficiency

In the transportation of food, it is important to comply with a number of conditions:
  • Maintaining the required temperature. To preserve the presentation, freshness and nutritional properties of products, you need to maintain a certain temperature regime. Dairy and lactic acid products are transported at temperatures from +2 to + 6 ° C, fresh fish and meat - at other parameters. Frozen foods and convenience foods are transported in freezers, while fresh vegetables and fruits require higher temperatures and higher humidity levels.
  • Storage standards. When transporting products, it is necessary to take into account the rules of food "neighborhood", not allowing transportation in the same container, for example, meat and fish. Transportation of similar groups of goods is a prerequisite for maintaining the properties of the provisions.
  • Compliance with sanitary standards. Cargo compartments must contain equipment for the transport of perishable goods. Sanitary passports for food and sanitary books for drivers are also required.
  • Fast shipping. Delivery of food products on time without delays on the road ensures that the cargo arrives at the final destination without losing nutritional value, with preserved taste and aroma.
  • Marking and packaging in accordance with the requirements for transportation.

The Polex Express company will deliver food products quickly, safely and at a reasonable cost. To order, call us or use the form on the website.

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