Transportation of groupage cargo (LCL)

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Consolidated cargo delivery

Sometimes it turns out that the customer needs to transport a very small cargo that does not correspond to the large parameters and the occupied area of the container or any other transport vehicle. Therefore, it turns out that there is no point in hiring a separate container or freight transport. But then what to do?

In such a situation, the possibility of consolidated or groupage cargo transportation always comes to the rescue. In this case, the container is chartered using the FCL (Full Container Load) system. The essence is very simple: one carrier transports several cargoes from different customers to the desired destination. And normally, these groupage cargoes, that is, additional cargoes, give one large load for the occupied vehicle.

Consolidated transportation

Groupage cargo is assembled at the warehouse, which serves as a starting point for a given route. Groupage cargo is delivered by all means of transport. The choice depends on the conditions of transportation, the cargo itself, as well as the place of departure and the point of delivery of the groupage cargo.
Advantages of groupage cargo transportation:
  • Distribution of shipping charges among all senders. It turns out that everyone pays only for the volume that their own cargo takes.
  • Items of different sizes and volumes are transported.
  • Any quantity from 1 unit.
  • Delivery of cargo not only to the warehouse, but also immediately to the recipient in the hands.
  • Heavy loads are charged based on weight, while light ones are charged based on volume.
  • Possibility of delivery of groupage cargo from the consignor's warehouse to the consolidation warehouse.

LCL delivery services from Polex-express

It is possible that chartering containers with groupage cargo takes longer than a container transported by one customer, and the sender of the additional cargo is waiting for the entire container to be filled with cargo. Otherwise, you will have to pay not only for the cargo, but also for the empty space in the container.

But, thanks to the well-organized work of managers and a large client base, the waiting time for filling the container will be reduced to a minimum. We will quickly find neighbors transporting their goods at the same time and in the same direction.

Overland transportation

In addition to sea container transportation, we offer transportation of groupage cargo by road. The principle of operation is the same. The only difference is that:
  • The cargo is transported by land roads.
  • The place of unloading is not only a port city, but any other.
Due to the huge popularity of groupage cargo transportation services, the number of warehouses where we work is large in many countries of the world: in China, Turkey, the USA, and European countries.

Our company offers turnkey international transportation of groupage cargo. Delivery of goods directly from the factory to the port is also possible. When concluding long-term contracts for the carriage of goods, we are pleased to provide our customers with discounts and other benefits of using our services.

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