Transportation of agricultural machinery

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Transportation of equipment from Polex-express


Transportation of agricultural machinery (combines, tractors)

Prompt delivery of agricultural machinery to Ukraine on favorable terms is a service in demand among farmers and other specialists who are involved in the relevant industry. Transportation of agricultural machinery is distinguished, first of all, by the need to transport bulky cargo over long distances. Cargo transportation from Europe and the USA allows you to get in Ukraine:

  • harvesters;
  • tractor;
  • seeders;
  • mowers;
  • cultivators.

Transportation of agricultural machinery from Polex-express

Transportation stages

The specialists of the Polex-express company will carry out the delivery of agricultural equipment to the address you require in the shortest possible time, eliminating delays and other problems due to:
  • the use of special packaging, providing for the dismantling of fragile elements and separate transportation;
  • transportation of agricultural machinery by railway, reducing the waiting time;
  • calculation of the optimal route, taking into account the dimensions of the equipment and its features.

Delivery of agricultural machinery from Europe is carried out in compliance with all safety regulations, full insurance, escort and accreditation at customs. Delivery, customs clearance of agricultural machinery in Ukraine with the involvement of our specialists will be much cheaper due to the use of exclusively our own equipment and personnel.

The best transportation of equipment from our company

Prompt international transport of agricultural machinery from professionals

Contact the indicated numbers to arrange the delivery of agricultural machinery from the USA and other countries. A consultant will contact you, who will tell you how best to transport a heavy load. In some situations, several types of transport can be used at once, including sea transport (supplying agricultural machinery from the United States across the ocean in this case is the most profitable way). Transport for the delivery of agricultural machinery is regularly serviced, guaranteeing you timely delivery from Germany and other countries.

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