Transportation of animals

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Service cost request section

Transportation of animals

The transportation of live cargo belongs to the category of particularly complex transportation. However, our specialists have sufficient experience to organize the transportation of live cargo in strict accordance with the rules.

As quickly as possible and without prejudice to the living cargo itself, no matter what kind of transport it is transported - by road, air, sea or rail, both within the country and along international routes.

Rules and features

If you strictly follow the terminology of international rules for the transport of special cargo, then we should not talk about the transportation of live cargo, but about the delivery of "live animals", which, according to the international classification, include animals (mammals), birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. And each species of these living animals can be subdivided into different categories: for example, mammals - into laboratory animals and fur-bearing animals, fish - for fish stock or for the purpose of their acclimatization, etc.
In the broad and generally accepted understanding, the category of live cargo includes large and small animals, horned and artiodactyls, fur-bearing animals and laboratory animals, birds, bees, crayfish, snakes, etc. The particular difficulty of their transportation lies in the fact that each species of living animals requires compliance with separate conditions and rules of transportation.

Transportation of pets

Conditions of carriage

For example:
  • live animals are accepted for carriage only with veterinary permits, and in some cases permits of the quarantine service;
  • non-hazardous laboratory animals are transported in special disposable cages, and if they are carriers of infections - also with special precautions prescribed in regulatory documents;
  • crayfish and live fish for breeding or acclimatization, as well as fish seed and fertilized eggs are transported only with an accompanying person, and bees - unaccompanied, if they are transported in sturdy plywood boxes with adequate ventilation holes.

And there are so many specific requirements for the transportation of various types of live animals that even specialists are sometimes confused about them. But not ours. Our employees thoroughly understand the features of transportation of each type of live cargo and ensure delivery without prejudice to its condition.

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