Storage of valuable goods

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Storage of valuable cargo

We offer

Cargoes transported between different countries require adequate storage conditions before delivery and when passing through customs control. The storage of expensive goods stands out in a separate category - valuable things need to be treated more carefully than mass consumption goods. Polex-express offers its customers safe storage of goods in compliance with:
  • temperature conditions in the room;
  • the principle of correct neighborhood (exclusion of the harmful effects of goods on each other);
  • the number of guards that will protect the cargo from intruders.

Temporary storage services may be required by those who cannot receive the goods immediately. This applies to both individuals and companies engaged in trade. Responsible storage of cargo in Ukraine is organized for a while, while the client prepares to receive it and needs to free up space. On the territory of the warehouse there is video surveillance, alarm system.

Jewelry storage

Warehousing and storage of valuable goods is profitable

When you contact Polex-express, you can get a secure storage service when delivering from any country in the world. The safekeeping warehouse in Kharkov has all the necessary equipment and transport for the internal movement of goods and loading onto cars in order to complete the delivery. The service that provides for the storage of cargo is used if combined transport is used, which requires waiting for the filling of the truck. Call now to start cooperation and reduce costs.

Types of valuable cargo

A warehouse for storage of valuable goods is available to all customers

The category of valuable cargo includes:

  • antiques, art objects;
  • fur;
  • securities;
  • chemical compounds (storage of dangerous goods is also provided);
  • precision instruments and expensive equipment.
Customs storage of valuable goods, organized by our specialists, will allow the client to receive everything in its original condition. When you contact us, an agreement will be signed for the provision of the relevant services, which will guarantee not only safety, but also confidentiality. Each cargo is insured in case of an emergency, which excludes losses on your part. Responsible storage of bulky cargo is also possible due to the large area and layout of the premises, taking into account the likelihood of arrival at the warehouse.
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