Cargo insurance

Request for cost of services
Request for cost of services

Cargo insurance

The POLEX EXPRESS company makes sure that the goods we accompany arrive safe and sound and retain all their consumer properties that the consumer expects from them. However, there are different things on the way: natural disasters, accidents, man-made disasters and so on. In order for our client to be able to reimburse losses caused by such events, we offer cargo insurance.

For these purposes, at the request of the client, we select the most optimal conditions for cargo insurance, in relation to a specific transportation, and also find an insurance company with the most loyal working conditions and guaranteed payment.

Insure cargo in Polex-express

Our company takes care of all the preparation and execution of documents required for cargo insurance. We are talking about the choice of an insurer, and about the formation of a package of documents for concluding an agreement, and about the preparation of a draft insurance agreement with all the necessary annexes. We do it quickly, efficiently and with maximum savings for our clients.
Entrust the insurance of your cargo to the POLEX EXPRESS company and you can be sure that you will not lose a single penny, so that it does not happen on the road on the territory of our state or abroad.
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