Customs clearance

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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a set of processes for checking and registering import and export products. Many entrepreneurs are engaged in the import / export of goods, so this procedure is an integral part of customs operations. Customs clearance of cargo also ensures safety during cargo transportation, eliminating the possibility of transporting hazardous substances and materials to the territory of Ukraine.

The direct owner of the cargo can carry out customs clearance of the goods. Due to possible difficulties in passing one of the stages (then fines and sanctions follow), Polex-express recommends contacting professional employees for advice. Our staff will explain the entire process step by step. A number of formalities in 2020 consist of two main stages: cargo clearance and payment of duties.

Customs clearance of cargo in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the customs clearance process takes place in five main stages:

  • cargo declaration and registration;
  • determination of the EAEU nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade code (nomenclature of goods);
  • the cost of the cargo;
  • payment of the duty;
  • customs control.
After passing the mandatory checks, customs no longer interfere with the import / export of products. Any product can further participate in the turnover. In case of unsuccessful passage of customs clearance, law enforcement agencies can confiscate the cargo, leave it for review, issue penalties, etc.

Polex-express customs clearance

Import and export

In Ukraine, this procedure is formalized by one of two methods:

  • free circulation: payment of taxes, registration of documentation and subsequent delivery of cargo from temporary storage;
  • conditional release: documents are submitted in advance, but without passing all other stages - at the same time it is possible to store cargo in a warehouse, but it is impossible to realize it before full customs clearance.
For reliable import of goods, a number of mandatory operations must be performed:
  • calculation of cargo cost;
  • registration of documentation;
  • payment of duty;
  • booking of warehouses;
  • organization of cargo transportation.

What you need for customs clearance

Documents for customs clearance

A list of documents for customs clearance in Ukraine is needed to pass customs control. They should contain the following:

  • information about the cargo, goods, means of transport;
  • recipient and sender data;
  • various certificates;
  • checks for payment of duties and other payments;
  • And a list of other documents that are needed to identify goods belonging to certain categories.

Customs clearance services from Polex-express

Main advantages

Polex-express provides high-quality legal clearance when ordering customs clearance services from China and other parts of the world. The main advantages of our company:

  • preparation of a complete package of documentation according to the law;
  • prompt service for collecting the necessary documents for customs clearance at a bargain price;
  • professional approach to each task;
  • consultation of the client regarding all procedures performed.
Delivery services from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, as well as customs brokerage services can be ordered from the managers of the company.
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