Heavy cargo

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Service cost request

Heavy cargo

Polex-express clients often require the delivery of heavy cargo at the lowest possible cost in terms of time and money. Heavy cargo transportation is the transportation of things and goods that go beyond the dimensions of 2.6x4x22 meters (including a car).

These are oversized transportations that often require the movement of cargo without disassembly into parts. Typical examples of heavy cargo are cranes, harvesters, plant equipment, drilling rigs. Transportation of heavy cargo is a complex of services for the correct organization, loading, moving and transferring to the customer what he needs.


Delivery terms

The standard procedure is:
  • assessment of cargo parameters;
  • calculation of the load on transport;
  • selection of the type of transportation of heavy cargo;
  • development of the route of movement.

Container transportation from overseas is most often used due to the ability to move almost anything. Transportation of oversized heavy cargo is always accompanied by the development of a project, approval and insurance. Road transportation of heavy cargo requires adherence to traffic safety rules on the road: the cargo should not block lighting devices, obstruct the view and create inconveniences for other road users.

International delivery of heavy cargo

Reliable delivery of heavy goods

If you need delivery from America and other countries, call one of the indicated numbers to start cooperation. We have at our disposal all the necessary equipment for loading and unloading operations, which guarantees reliable heavy cargo transportation. Any task will be completed: the delivery of lithium batteries from China, several dozen cars or industrial machines that cannot be disassembled.

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