Customs broker services

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Service cost request

Customs broker services

The POLEX EXPRESS company provides a full range of services related to customs clearance of goods. Our goal is to escort the cargo through customs as soon as possible, with minimal costs for our client.

Upon your order, our specialists will successfully complete customs clearance ("customs clearance") when exporting goods or customs clearance ("customs clearance") when importing goods into the territory of any state.

What services does Polex-express provide

Customs brokers "POLEX EXPRESS" constantly monitor all changes in the legislation of Ukraine, so that customs clearance of goods takes place without incidents. Having many years of experience in working with the customs authorities of the state, we will help you:
  • represent your interests in customs authorities on the issues of goods clearance.
  • obtain the accreditation of the enterprise in the customs service;
  • select the option of customs clearance that is optimal for you and codes for goods according to UKT FEA;
  • prepare a package of documents for the import and export of goods;
  • competently draw up customs declarations, prepare the necessary permits and certificates;
  • calculate customs payments;
  • provide the customs authority with all additional information.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance in Polex-express

For the successful passage of products across the border, it is important to correctly execute all required customs documents. The specialists of our company will help you avoid mistakes and problems associated with this process.
Customs clearance is a rather complex, multifaceted procedure that requires declaring skills, as well as deep knowledge in the field of customs, tax and currency legislation. Any mistakes in customs documentation will entail a lot of troubles, from fines to the arrest or confiscation of the cargo.
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