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Warehouse storage

The POLEX EXPRESS company provides a full package of transport, logistics and forwarding services, including warehouse storage under customs control. With a temporary storage warehouse with an area of 1100 m2, we accept various types of cargo (including heavy, perishable goods).

Our warehouse VSH can store: heavy cargo; live cargo; dangerous goods, including weapons; flowers; human remains; other types of cargo.

Why warehouse storage is beneficial

Warehouse storage is the provision of services in a complex. Our client does not have to order transport himself, draw up a transportation schedule, sort and pack cargo, monitor storage conditions, control loading and unloading. Our specialists will deal with all these issues. This approach provides significant time savings for each operation and, in general, reduces the cost of transportation and handling of cargo.

Warehouse storage services

Organization of storage by Polex-express

A team of professionals with extensive experience in organizing cargo transportation by all types of transport and providing related services, including at the terminal of the POLEX EXPRESS company (the territory of the Kharkiv International Airport), will professionally perform:
  • customs clearance of goods (import / export);
  • reception, handling, transportation, storage and delivery of both conventional and special cargo (large-sized, valuable, dangerous and perishable, medicines, medical products, animals);
  • packing of goods;
  • customs clearance and cargo storage services: responsible storage of goods, storage of dangerous goods, temporary storage of goods;
  • loading / unloading, assembly of consignments and palletizing;
  • registration of shipping documents;
  • delivery of goods to the recipient.

The safety and condition of the cargo placed for storage under customs control are under constant supervision of our employees, and in the event of a force majeure situation, they are able to make a quick decision that will ensure the complete safety of the goods.

Warehouse storage services

We offer a full range of warehousing services, including responsible storage of goods, storage of dangerous goods and temporary storage of goods. Our warehouse storage includes:

What do we offer:

  • cargo insurance (in addition to security and fire safety measures);
  • loading and unloading works;
  • registration of accompanying documentation;
  • selection, sorting and packaging of cargo;
  • packing, sorting, packing, including repackaging of pallet and piece cargo;
  • marking;
  • storage of both packed and unpackaged goods;
  • storage of goods on the floor and on racks (euro pallets).
We work individually with each client, freeing him as much as possible from personal participation in the organization of warehouse storage of goods. This approach to work is ensured both by the personal responsibility of each of our employees, and by the use of modern special equipment and technology, proven in practice, the best methods of cargo handling.

Storing goods under customs control makes it possible to collect the necessary documents and go through customs clearance procedures for goods already imported into the territory of Ukraine.

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